Empowering Meaningful Action Together

That's what we do

The Value of Working with TadZo

What we do

We empower people and groups for meaningful action by unleashing the power of groups. 

How we work

How we work is a bit different than other consulting firms. We invite everyone to shape solutions for a better future through a broadly inclusive approach. We foster inventing and innovating together

This is not mumbo-jumbo. We utilize relevant data and a focused approach to help you move quickly from chatter to matter, digging deeply into what is important to you and stakeholders. At the same time, we have fun, yet our playfulness is designed with the purpose to enhance creativity and engagement. The more open and inviting we are, the better the outcomes in all situations.

Our role

We will work with you as a partner because we value the competencies, knowledge, and contributions of our clients and your stakeholders. Our goal is serving as a trusted advisor to bring out the best in you and your team.


Strategy Development

TadZo Strategy Development

We help all kinds of groups - economic development, workforce development, place development, disaster preparation and recovery, marketing, non-profits, businesses/entrepreneurs or any group trying to do meaningful work.  We guide you through a process to build your customized strategy for what you aim to achieve. Inventing together yields ownership of the strategy, and that means real work gets done and important things accomplished.

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Group Empowerment

TadZo Group Empowerment

 We help groups and organizations transform how they communicate, problem-solve, innovate and work together. We utilize Liberating Structures – participatory methods that disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together. One Liberating Structure changes a meeting; the repertoire can change an organization. As the repertoire of 33 structures is applied, many conventional approaches  (presentations, open discussions, managed discussions, and brainstorms) become less attractive or fade away. 

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Event Design & Facilitation

TadZo Event Design & Facilitation

If you are seeking to jazz up and energize an event for greater participation and valuable outcomes, we can help you design meetings, focus groups, conferences, planning sessions, retreats, etc. While it will be fun, our goal for you is a more worthwhile and productive event, accomplishing more together as a group. Our facilitation services involve a combination of Liberating Structures and Graphic Facilitation. 

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TadZo Workshops

We offer customized and ready-to-go workshops on a variety of topics – from group engagement techniques and strategic planning to technical subjects in economic development, workforce development, and public policy.   

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Allison Larrsen Speaking

Have an upcoming event and need a world-class speaker? We are at your service on a range of topics - from economic development and community outreach to team building and inclusion.

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Technical Services

TadZo Technical Services

As certified economic developers (CEcD) and consultants with decades of economic development consulting experience, we offer robust technical services in economic development, workforce development and business site selection.

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What our clients have to say

Chelsea Levo Feary, City of Owasso

"At the beginning of the project, my expectations were that I just wanted change. Let me say, that’s happening and so much more evolved from the process. We have been able to engage people that were un-engageable prior to the process. I am very pleased with Allison’s way to bring all different entities together to sing from the same sheet of music."

Lane LaCour, Katy Area EDC

"I have been through at least ten strategic plans in my career and this was by far the best and most innovative I have ever been involved with. Your firm goes above and beyond the call of duty and your follow-up is very refreshing." 

Sarah Means, Lane County Oregon

"I feel more empowered than I have in a very long time. 

I see a vision, a path forward."

Kristina Payne, Lane Workforce Partnership

“Allison doesn’t make promises she can’t keep – and she doesn’t lead a community down a path that isn’t truly a viable option."

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