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Over 60 years of collective experience in business and economic development.   We have worked with more than 100 communities and regional groups across 27 U.S. states and Canadian provinces. 


TadZo isn't trying to fit into a traditional mold for  a consulting firm.  We invite clients on a different path where we invent together, unleashing the power of groups.


 We respect the competencies, knowledge, and contributions of our clients and their stakeholders. Our goal is serving as a trusted advisor to bring out the best in you and your team. 

TadZo Team

Allison Larsen, CEcD




Twitter:          @allisonTadZo

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Sandy Pratt, CEcD, FM

Senior Consultant




Twitter:          @sandyTadZo

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TadZo Mascots


TadZo is named after Tad & Zo. Taddy went to doggie heaven. He was the original TadZo "CFO" a.k.a. Chief Food Officer


TadZo "CBO" a.k.a. Chief Ball Officer 

and the first to notice when a delivery is on its way to the office!


TadZo "CFO" in-training. He has big "paws" to fill. As a puppy, he is more interested in swimming and playing at the park than his TadZo responsibilities.

We Believe...

life is too short so we must do meaningful work that we enjoy.

We want to make a difference - a positive impact - and have fun doing it.

in the power of groups.

Reach out and work together because more ideas emerge from a group than individuals. We embrace inclusiveness. Plus many hands make light work - and you can have more fun creating together.

we don't have all the answers.

We learn together with our clients. We innovate together from our synergies and diverse experiences. We leverage our networks for ideas  and partners to bring great value.

that "shoulds" rarely translate into action.

Instead of telling you what you should do, we teach and discover through involvement. The result is commitment, buy-in, ownership - whatever you want to call it - and energy to get into action!

nothing is classier than kindness.

Kindness helps us stay centered on what ultimately matters most.

life is better with a dog.

Slobber. Rhythmic panting. Play fetch. Greet deliveries. Take a nap. Never a dull moment for Behos and Enzo in the TadZo office.

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Your emails and phone calls are always welcome. Just don't be surprised if Enzo or Behos bark "hello" in the background. We have a pet friendly office.


20801 W. Main Street, Buckeye, AZ 85396, US

HQ office (623) 233-5333
Oklahoma office (405) 735-5456

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