What is your worthy, yet elusive, purpose or goal?


Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Each coaching session is designed and customized to your situation and what serves you in the pursuit of your elusive purpose or goal. We help you to explore the situation, context, and create solutions you want to move forward. We help you with self-discovery, analysis of the situation, framing options and creative ideas, innovation and much more.

Why you want TadZo to be your Coach

We are skilled at designing exercises utilizing Liberating Structures for individuals and teams, and asking insightful questions that empower you for meaningful action. Founded in complexity science, Liberating Structures are a repertoire of 33 structures (plus more in-development) intentionally designed to support principles of self-discovery, amplifying freedom AND responsibility, emphasizing possibilities to believe before you see, practicing deep respect for people and local solutions, building trust as you go, learning by failing forward, inviting creative destruction to enable innovation, and engaging in seriously playful curiosity.

Plus, as your unbiased coach, we help you to stay accountable to yourself (or team).  Because, isn't that the point.. to move forward?

How to Get Started

First, contact us to discuss your interest and schedule a coaching session. We want to understand what you want to achieve so that we may customize design for your situation and elusive goal.

Second, decide on Coaching Package: 

  • Single Session
  • 5 Session Package (discounted price)
  • 10 Session Package (discounted price plus one session free for total of 11 sessions)
  • Subsequent purchases of packages receive additional discount

All coaching is delivered via video (preferred) or phone.