Group Empowerment

You can do this!

We are passionate about the power of groups and we invite you to experience robust group empowerment with Liberating Structures.  You will be amazed how it changes you, changes your interactions with others, and that changes our collective interactions.  We use these methods daily and see it work! We witness the confidence of individuals and groups become stronger because they are included, they are trusted, and their voices are heard.

Our work with you for Group Empowerment is real-life immersion and a cultural shift to foster better teamwork, communication, problem-solving and innovation.  Although we offer workshops for groups, the difference with this TadZo offering is that we work with you to tackle a real-world situation you are facing. We teach new skills, coach and partner with you through this immersion experience, providing a safe environment to learn and fail forward. Not only will the group develop new skills, you will also address the situation before you.

Liberating Structures

Liberating Structures inject tiny shifts in the protocols of how we meet, plan, decide and relate to each other that put in the hands of everyone the facilitative power once reserved for experts only. 

Curious? Want to learn how this may work for you?


Give me a ring to discuss your situation and the group you would like to involve. From there, we can explore ways for your team or group to experience meaningful action together.