What if your entire team shaped the future for your organization and/or community?

 That's what we help you do!

We invite everyone to participate in a well-designed process that is playful, yet with purpose; that not only empowers you, it empowers all involved for meaningful action. Working with TadZo, you will experience how much fun (and effective) it is to be inventive together through a focused approach that moves quickly from chatter to matter.

To provide the greatest value, we customize every strategy approach to our client's project purpose and available resources. We are nimble, inclusive and inviting in our work. 

Navigating Complex Environments

Our goal is to truly help organizations, companies and communities in creating and implementing relevant and constantly evolving strategy that will help you navigate the complexity of your environment.  All kinds of organizations and groups operate in diverse complex environments .  

We help you cope with complexity by working with you to develop an enduring and adaptive strategy, as well as build capacity to support long-term transformative change

Strategy Knotworking

 We utilize a dynamic approach called Strategy Knotworking  

— a cutting-edge approach to “shaping the future while creatively adapting in the moment. Strategy Knotworking addresses directly the complexity of responding creatively in dynamic markets.” Keith McCandless and Johannes Schartau. 

Benefits over Traditional Approaches

  It helps you to:

  • keep the complexity of challenges you face intact (not flattening or over-simplifying);
  • balance predictability and unpredictability of possible futures (not putting all your eggs in one basket or losing yourself in a multitude of possibilities); and 
  • widen the circle of participation in strategy-making (not relying solely on a small circle of experts or leaders). 

Dynamic, Iterative, Adaptive

  Strategy Knotworking introduces a dynamic, iterative, and adaptive way of planning with groups of any size. 

This approach is centered on an infinity symbol representing the eco-cycle of all projects and initiatives with focus on 6 questions to constantly evolve the strategy:

  1. Purpose: What is the fundamental justification and deepest need for our work?
  2. Context: What’s happening around us that demands creative change
  3. Challenge: What paradoxical challenges must we face to make progress?
  4. Baseline: Where are we starting, honestly?
  5. Ambition: Given our purpose, what seems possible now?
  6. Action & Evaluation: How are we moving away from the current state and toward the future, evaluating what is possible as we go? That question sparks: How are we cultivating more adjacent possibilities/options that enable us to respond more effectively to the future? And, what do we need to stop doing that is no longer delivering value (to make way for new approaches)?

These six questions are best answered by all relevant stakeholders for a compelling strategic narrative to be authored, owned, and carried out by everyone. 


We Walk Our Talk

  At TadZo, we utilize Strategy Knotworking for our business strategy. 

We have no “big document." Instead, we maintain a Mural with input, on a regular and frequent schedule, to our Strategy Knotworking exercises – nudging, adjusting, and even creatively destroying to make room for new innovations in our offerings and processes.

Service for Your Empowered Success

 We offer our strategy services via consulting engagements, coaching or in workshops.    

When a client attains self-reliance to continue Strategy Knotworking without us, or any consulting firm, we are pleased with the results.

Interested in how this may work for you?

We spend time getting to know you and your organization to see if our approach is a fit for your situation.  And if so, then we customize a scope of work for your needs. Your success implementing and constantly evolving your strategy is what is important to us. Once you are a client we check in with you to see how implementation is going and continue to be a resource long after our work is complete.

What our Clients have to Say

Courtney Griesel, City of Springfield Oregon

Courtney Griesel, City of Springfield Oregon

Courtney Griesel, City of Springfield Oregon

"It has been an energizing and enlightening experience working with TadZo on the Springfield Economic Look effort. Allison has facilitated an intentional process that created a road map of measurable action items, opportunities and partnerships for the next three to five years. Allison’s train-the-trainer style of consulting has empowered Springfield staff to not only implement the plan, but continue to adjust and build upon it into the future."

Sean Hawkins, City of Yakima

Courtney Griesel, City of Springfield Oregon

Courtney Griesel, City of Springfield Oregon

"It was a pleasure to work with Allison Larsen for Yakima’s 2020 Strategic Plan. She has a good understanding of smaller communities, including a sense of projects that could be impactful and ‘rightsized’ for Yakima. Allison’s facilitation expertise and enthusiasm were very effective in engaging leadership of numerous organizations to come together, determine priorities and set the stage for implementation." 

Marie Synar, Muskogee City‐Co. Port Authority

Marie Synar, Muskogee City‐Co. Port Authority

Marie Synar, Muskogee City‐Co. Port Authority

"If I simply wrote the plan in my office, I wouldn’t have received outside expert opinions which our leadership so desperately needed, as well as buy-in from our stakeholders. They felt like they were responsible for the development of the plan. 

Working with TadZo was invaluable."

Dean Craig, Willamette Workforce Partnership

Marie Synar, Muskogee City‐Co. Port Authority

Marie Synar, Muskogee City‐Co. Port Authority

"We hired TadZo to facilitate a “launch” of a new business sector partnership.  Having never been through a new strategy such as this, and as the new Director of Business Services, I was more than a bit anxious.  Allison promised to identify pertinent information and she did.  She promised to get industry talking and she did.  Industry is excited to partner with many entities to accomplish the goals Allison help draw out of them.  She will help you get to where you want to be."