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Economic Development

 In addition to Strategy Development, we offer a menu of other economic development services. This approach enables customization to meet the unique needs of your community. No two projects are exactly alike because no two communities have the same challenges, assets or opportunities. We focus on what you want to achieve and frame a scope of work that will get you there. 

Asset Evaluation

 What assets set your community apart from the competition?  Where is your community falling behind the competition and stalling economic growth? We evaluate for a variety of business needs related to attraction and retention of basic industry, retail, tourism, and talent. We provide detailed feedback with specific recommendations to improve your community’s competitive position.

Target Industries

 Are your targets current? Have your assets changed and created a new value proposition? Are you curious about current industry trends in order to be more effective in your local business outreach and recruitment efforts? We go beyond industry data to understand the capabilities of your community and region to meet the needs of target industries. This approach takes into account current community competitiveness along with emerging opportunities.

Benchmarking Studies

 First, we work with you to define competitors and/or aspirational communities and/or regions for comparison. We benchmark on a variety of topics, such as economic prosperity indicators; an organization’s programs and budgets; and key site selection data. We also investigate how your competitors position for the specific industries you target. 

Organizational Planning

 You may be setting up a brand new organization or evaluating a change. As a trusted advisor, we work with you to uncover creative approaches for effective organization and management. We provide examples of different organizational models, interesting partnership considerations, and financing methods. Together, we help you move your organization forward in the context of your current and anticipated future situations so that you are primed for success.

Key Messages & Branding

 Is your brand tired and in need of a refreshment? Do other communities make the same claims you do so you get lost in white noise? We go beyond the development of images of your brand so that your community's identity aligns to captivating messages of interest to key audiences. While being broadly inclusive for input and inventing together, we are still able to quickly move from chatter to consensus for compelling messages.

Disaster Preparedness

When businesses are affected by disasters, that disruption produces not only direct business losses, but also indirect losses and economic ripple effects. This impacts jobs and family income creating even greater challenges for households, neighborhoods, and viability of communities as they recover. ​ What is your role in disaster preparedness and resilience planning? What should your organization do to ensure the businesses in your community are prepared? We help economic development professionals address these questions and prepare your community for disaster situations that could impact businesses and the local economy.  

Site Selection

 Our team addresses key questions as you pursue an expansion or relocation project for your business. We will partner with you for a comprehensive advisory role or any of the menu of services listed below. ​We begin every project seeking clarity of your business objectives, critical factors and timeline in order to provide the most relevant information for your location decision.

Labor Market Analysis

 What areas have the talent pool, now and in the future, to meet your business needs? Are skills readily available? What is the work ethic and productivity of workers in potential areas? How does cost (wages and benefits) vary by location? Will organized labor disrupt your operations in some locations? With tight labor markets globally, our analysis helps you see which labor pool best supports your business strategy.

Workforce Pipeline

What location options will provide the best resources for ongoing skill upgrades? Which areas are investing in students to be your future employees?Which areas may present risks for recruiting, relocating and ultimately retaining employees? We dig into this research to increase your confidence in future access to talent.

Sites & Buildings Evaluation

 Are there available building or sites ready for your project in desired communities? Can the developer and community meet your timeline? We research and evaluate first-hand so that your time is wisely allocated when visiting prime properties.

Infrastructure & Utilities Assessment

 What communities have utilities to support your business needs? Is the infrastructure installed at desired sites or will the installation delay your project? How can the utilities support your company’s sustainability goals? We document the facts and help you understand the corresponding costs.

Location Operating Cost Comparison

How do potential areas you are considering compare cost-wise for wages, benefits, electricity, natural gas, water, wastewater, transportation, taxes and real estate? Not only do we do the research, we provide a model so that you are able to modify your pro forma as your project planning evolves.

Incentive Research & Negotiations

 What statutory incentives are available for your project? What else is the state or community willing to provide to win your business? What additional burdens, if any, will incentives incur for your project? What is the authorization process? How does your company comply to maximize incentive value? We are your partner to yield win-win outcomes for your company and the community where you locate your operations.

What our Clients have to Say

John Stark, Redmond Econ. Development Inc.

"TadZo provided terrific leadership to help Redmond define our strategic priorities and a call to action. Allison is a creative thought leader and brings a much more global perspective on economic development that we would never find without TadZo. Redmond Economic Development Inc. and its partners have implemented strategies in numerous areas including workforce, internship programs, real estate, and product development resulting in significant business investments, jobs growth, and a GDP growth rate that eclipses the state of Oregon and the U.S. After completing her work with Redmond, Allison continues to drop in and volunteer to help with our local and state economic development."

Mark Heath, Martinsville-Henry County EDC

"Throughout the process we were impressed with TadZo expertise. Allison's industry knowledge and unique perspective in understanding the site selection process and community evaluation methods used by companies for expansion and relocation decisions.

With TadZo's research and guidance, we defined our target industries and enhanced our marketing methods. The Target Industry Analysis not only contained in-depth research and recommendations, but also provided detailed plans, outlines, and examples to help us take the next steps in effectively marketing to our newly defined targets.

Our work with TadZo was a good partnership. We valued the honest evaluation -- Allison told us what we needed to know, not what we wanted to hear. We never felt that we were being sold services and received continued support long after the project."

Diane Probst, Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce

"Through Allison's help, guidance and energy, we were able to devise a very concise and quick action economic recovery plan. We channeled the enthusiasm of more than 100 community members over a three-day period to rebuild Rockport and Fulton, Aransas County TX. She has started us on a path to recovery that I am not sure we would have made so much progress without her. She helped us cut through the disaster situation and see the opportunities. She did an amazing job!"

Kristina Payne, Lane Workforce Partnership

"With the help of TadZo, we were able to quickly drill into the needs of the industry. I, as an Executive Director of a workforce board, feel very confident in the information gathered and we are ready to move forward on providing solutions to industry’s challenges. I am very appreciative that TadZo worked with us to help identify the true issues, so we can make a difference in our community." 

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